Largemouth Saw



Folks who fish tend to be hard workers, and hard workers tend to know their way around a chainsaw... This series combines one of the all time greatest tools with some of our all time favorite fish species! 


  • Thick, Durable Vinyl 
  • 6" Wide x 2" Tall 
  • Right Facing
  • UV Coated to Prevent Fading 
  • Intended for Outdoor Use
  • Choose from 8 Species! 

Application instructions: 

For best results, make sure that the surface you are applying a decal too is completely clean and dry. Apply to smooths surfaces for maximum longevity. Avoid applying decals to porous surfaces as air can be trapped under the decal, which can allow dirt and water in and compromise its adhesion. Once you have applied the decal to a surface, take the backing paper and rub down the entire decal firmly with your thumb or palm, moving any trapped air bubbles to the edges. 

* Please be aware. Decal-only orders may ship with USPS First Class Mail and do not always have a tracking number. Please allow 3-5 business days for your order to ship. If your order includes other items, such as prints (which are made to order) your order may be subject to the turnaround time of other products. Thank you for your understanding and support.